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Revenants are too cool / HoT Impressions
2015-10-24, 7:34 am by Link
I mean like really, these guys are the absolute shit.

What a bunch of badasses Very Happy

Comments: 12
The stupidest thing about the heart of thorns deluxe edition?
2015-06-27, 3:50 pm by Link
It has fuck all in it and I still fucking bought it

How does ANet make me do this?

Comments: 15
GW2 Sales
2013-07-02, 11:43 am by mrseasonsaltz
I will probably eventually buy a 2nd account for GW2 so I thought it might be useful to have a thread for people who see deals on the game.

Right now there is a summer sale going on Amazon and the game is $33.49. Probably won't jump on it at this price but maybe somebody will.


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Post Funny And Amazing GW2 Screenshots Here! #1
2012-08-26, 2:16 am by Satan
Post Funny And Amazing GW2 Screenshots Here! #1

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So my GW2 account got hacked
2014-06-12, 6:25 pm by mrseasonsaltz

I tried logging in a couple days ago and I couldn't because someone changed my two factor authentication from email to mobile.

Talked to support to get my password reset and logged in today to find this. Fortunately they say everything is going to get restored back to April when I last played. The funniest part about it is that they got me to my 7500 achievement points reward chest(from salvaging all of my stuff and buying random crap).

Comments: 3
A Guild is doing the 3-Headed Worm Kill at 8PM and 10PM PDT Tonight
2014-03-22, 5:38 pm by mrseasonsaltz

Make sure you PM the person to get a guest invite. Since its pacific time it shouldn't interfere with guild missions.

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Living Story Madness
2014-01-27, 8:56 am by MaubyFizz

Anyone get through either of the events successfully?

If so, any suggestions on when, where and how(probably for those who don't know)?
All of my tries ended in failure on platforms by paper strong pugs and timer running out because of scaling with the wurms(zerg way).

Comments: 2
Here is the inventory of someone who does way too many fractal runs
2014-02-09, 3:54 am by mrseasonsaltz

I'm guessing he really is hoping they eventually let you do something else with prestine relics.

Comments: 3
What is everyone missing for Dungeon Master?
2014-01-10, 6:07 pm by Regolith
Personally Mine are

Arah P1
Arah P2
Arah P3
Arah P4

Also missing most achievements for TA Aether blade

Comments: 4
Guild Wars 2 Login Servers and guildwars2.com by a hacker group called DERP that DDOSs different games/websites
2013-12-31, 6:48 pm by mrseasonsaltz

Their Twitter shows the things they have taken down. They've taken down a bunch of crap in the last few days including Eve Online and League of Legends.

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Guy drops 10,000 gold on greatswords into the mystic forge
2013-12-30, 6:40 pm by mrseasonsaltz

It totalled 37,500 rare greatswords that he put in

All in all he ended up with 11 precursors and almost 2000 exotics. He also showed that the chance to upscale was almost exactly 20%.

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Hint Completion - Mail is Full
2013-12-15, 11:20 pm by Regolith
Work Around

Delete all mail in your mailbox

Do Not open it when messages come in
Get people to mail you the icon should turn red and have a 10 on it,
hint shows up hit the X and done

Comments: 1
[Living World: 2013-12-10] A Very Merry Wintersday
2013-12-05, 10:20 am by Reave
[Living World: 2013-12-10] A Very Merry Wintersday

Preview for December 10th, 2013 Update:

Comments: 2
[Living World: 2013-11-26] Fractured
2013-11-19, 3:29 pm by Reave
[Living World: 2013-11-26] Fractured

Preview for November 26th, 2013 Update:

Comments: 3
[Living World: 2013-11-12] The Nightmares Within
2013-11-05, 12:04 pm by Reave
[Living World: 2013-11-12] The Nightmares Within

Preview for November 12th, 2013 Update:

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