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 Multi-Quoting Versus Normal Quoting [For Thread Replies]

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PostSubject: Multi-Quoting Versus Normal Quoting [For Thread Replies]   2009-12-16, 3:07 am


There is a Multi-Quote button for thread posts. You can see it in the upper right of people's posts. It's next to the normal Quote button and labelled with an easy-to-read 'Quote++'. This Multi-Quote button allows you to quote multiple posts at once when replying to a thread. For quote fiends who like to reference multiple peoples' posts at once, this is a VERY handy tool to make use of.

How The Multi-Quote Button Works:

What The Multi-Quote Button Looks Like When A Post Is 'Unselected' For Quoting (Normal Behavior):

Left-Click The Multi-Quote Button Once To 'Select' A Post For Quoting:

To 'Unselect' A Previously-Selected Post, Simply Left-Click The Multi-Quote Button Again.

You can select as many posts in a thread as you want for quoting. When you hit the 'Post Reply' button to start your reply, any posts you selected for quoting will appear as quotes in the reply box. Unlike the normal quote button, which automatically opens up a reply box for you with that one quote, you must manually hit the 'Post Reply' button when dealing with multi-quotes.

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Multi-Quoting Versus Normal Quoting [For Thread Replies]

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