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 GW2's endgame + dynamic events with larger scope

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PostSubject: GW2's endgame + dynamic events with larger scope   2012-08-02, 8:11 pm

MMORPG.com has an article up with some things about GW2's current endgame activities, including dungeons, the Mystic Forge, etc.. Worth a read:


One interesting quote from that is how in some later zones, the dynamic events system takes on a much greater significance than they do in earlier (read: starter) zones:

Quote :
While not exactly ‘endgame’ per se, Orr, the oldest human kingdom in Tyria, plays a significant role in the later content of Guild Wars 2. Orr is comprised entirely of complex dynamic events that web out as you push through the zone. According to Flannum and Johanson, Orr will contain around twice as many events as other areas of the game. Heck, you won’t even find heart NPCs in Orr. In fact, Orr is probably the most dangerous (PvE) zone in Guild Wars 2.

In order to progress through Orr, players will have to make it to and control the various temples and statues strewn throughout the zone. Controlling these areas will grant passage to the zone’s dungeon. Colin described advancing through Orr as a sort of storming the beaches of Normandy experience. As someone who loves WvW, I couldn’t help but think of the WvW potential of a zone like Orr. Darkness Falls, anyone? Yes, I know this won’t be happening, but I can dream, right?

Likewise, a poster named etoliate over in the NeoGAF GW2 Launch Date thread had this to say about a zone he encountered during today's (Aug. 1, 2012) stress test:

etoliate wrote:
Was able to visit Skrittsburgh. Pretty cool little system they have for it. Sort of a preview of things to come later on?

Basically Skrittsburgh has:

-A Skritt King
-Full of buried junk from different races
-Vendors, crafting stations, merchants and special Shinies Merchants. A small city with city amenities.
-Different parts with hearts in a couple of places.
-Exists within a Dynamic Event cycle

The last bit means, if the city gets attacked and isn't defended, then they close the doors to outsiders. If the King dies, they kick out all foreigners inside. You then have to wait for them to elect a new Skritt King and do some dynamic events in the outside boroughs to gain their trust. This means two or three different dynamic events. Once these are cleared, along with all their stages, then the Skritt open up the city again. Eventually, the King and the city will be attacked again. This can be by human bandits, destroyers, the Nightmare Court or the Inquest.

Man, the dynamic events are awesome. I think it will really keep my interest in the game for a while doing those over and over again. Yeah, early on, the dynamic events aren't much more than spur-of-the-moment questlines. However, it sure pays to keep an eye around a dynamic event area after it's completed to see if extra NPC's show up selling rare wares or if another dynamic event starts.

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GW2's endgame + dynamic events with larger scope

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