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 Celestial Sigils are the new hotness

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PostSubject: Celestial Sigils are the new hotness   2012-08-08, 4:56 am

Celestial Sigils are the new hotness

With PvP in GW1 currently in a very minimal state (and likely to stay that way with GW2's release unless GW1 goes F2P or something), believe it or not, the amount of Celestial Sigils available by the NPCs has completely dried up. People have started to hoard the Celestial Sigils themselves and now buying/changing a guild hall for your GW1 guild, something that once cost less than 10k, now costs 100k in town.

Last week I went and checked the Sigils trader at Halls Of Heroes myself and sure enough, empty. Any stock that is coming in - if any at all - is quickly getting bought up by players. I guess the game has been reduced to this kind of state with people literally having NOTHING else to spend their money on but Celestial Sigils.

GW1 Guru thread about the subject:
The price of Guild Halls

^^ A few people in that thread make the suggestion that eventually ANet is going to have to resort to putting Celestial Sigils up for trade at the Zaishen traders or something because there simply aren't enough PvP'ers left in the game itself to allow for such freely-purchasable guild halls anymore. I agree that this is probably going to happen sooner or later. Maybe in 2005-2006 with the game in high popularity you could limit access to such a feature (and let people grind for the $$$ necessary to purchase one), but not as it winds down in 2012. ANet has given out everything else to players of late to make GW1 less grinding overall, and they'll most likely budge on this as well.

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Celestial Sigils are the new hotness

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