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 Hopped into GW1 for a bit. My observations:

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PostSubject: Hopped into GW1 for a bit. My observations:   2012-09-21, 8:28 pm

Ectos, whose value plummeted in the days leading up to GW2's launch (I saw them as low as 4k!), are now back at ~7.5k. Shards are still fairly high at ~6.5k. Most other mats are where they were during the summer. Feathers aren't very high anymore so I think SCs are pretty much officially done across the board. Rubies/Sapphires/Diamonds are still > 10k apiece, so people are still dipping in to finish their HoMs, it looks like.

Runes are about where they were during the past year as well. Sup Vigor is back to ~19-20k whereas it had fallen to only 12k the weekend of the GW2 headstart. Black Dyes FINALLY have recovered from the double drops extravaganza during the 7-year birthday event in April and are sitting back at 8k.

Went to Kamadan this morning, and to be fair the combination of early morning on a Friday + GW2 being out played its part, but - One district. No trade spam, whatsoever. A few things here and there but nothing that would warrant the town keeping its 'Spamadan' moniker.

I kept hitting 'F' to interact with NPCs/storage instead of spacebar. Hopped out into an explorable zone for about 10 minutes to kill stuff and reminisce about the good ol' days. I kept hitting '1' when I wanted to wand-shot instead of spacebar. Kept getting the error beep because that's the slot I have my Summon Spirits spell in, lol.

Also, GW1 is having the annual 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' grog drops event for the next week and GW2, a game that has pirates/outlaws/etc. everywhere isn't (at least as far as we know). Guess the GW2 teams are too swamped to handle bonus events right now.

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PostSubject: Re: Hopped into GW1 for a bit. My observations:   2012-10-29, 10:57 am

GW1 is pretty much empty. I logged in for old-school fun. Also, I still love the Halloween event in GW1 (Don't fear the reapers is still my favourite).

Anyway, I guess one can find an active guild should the need arise. There are always people who don't switch.
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Hopped into GW1 for a bit. My observations:

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