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 Citadel Of Flame Explorable Path 1 Guild Speedruns/Non-Speedruns

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PostSubject: Citadel Of Flame Explorable Path 1 Guild Speedruns/Non-Speedruns   2013-01-31, 2:55 pm

Citadel Of Flame Explorable Path 1 Guild Speedruns/Non-Speedruns

A lot of us have been running CoF Exp Path 1 for a few weeks now. For those out of the loop, this is a VERY fruitful in-game activity which nets lots of CoF dungeon tokens and gold in a short period of time. As constructed right now (ie. until nerfs happen in some way, shape, or form), the CoF exp p1 run itself is pretty easy to learn and do. No real bottlenecks, no hard fights, etc., so it's certainly something everyone can benefit from. While there is a speedrun version of the farm which requires 4 Warriors in Berserker's gear & Greatsword + 1 Mesmer with Portal & Timewarp (and depending on the PUG you may be asked to ping your gear), here in FU we'll take whoever wants to come as long as there are spots open. Even some of us with Warriors aren't running the full DPS spec and are doing just fine. Any class and amount of experience running CoF exp 1 can come and complete the run in decent time if not speedrun time. No gear checks here, just good fun. Most importantly, if you are new to the run, don't be shy. It can be explained over voice chat and learned within a run or two.

Until this gets nerfed out of possibility/fruitfulness we'll be keeping this a regular part of our group activity rotation. Simply put, in a game where grind is everywhere and the only way out of it is having coin (and lots of it), we'll be doing the run which nets the most of it per time spent farming - which is this CoF exp path 1 run. We have a great time on these runs too, so don't hesitate to try and get involved if this whets your appetite.

What You Will DEFINITELY Need:

1. A class @ level 75 or higher with the ability to enter the zone Fireheart Rise. If you can't get in, you can't do the run!

2. To get on our community TeamSpeak 3 voice server for the runs. (We don't bite but we want people to at least be able to listen in if not talk themselves.)

3. Basic knowledge going in: There is one part where you'll need to run past mobs, one part where you'll need to run past insta-killing boulders (if no Mesmer to portal us over), and one part where you'll need to tank a mob virtually in place for about 10 seconds or so.

4. The tolerance to hear an NPC by the door constantly yell, "We have cleared the entrance to the Citadel of Flame!" - even if the waypoint is contested and we actually haven't.

What You Could Certainly Make Use Of: (Not Necessary But Helpful)

1. Mainly DPS-oriented gear/traits/skills.

2. The aforementioned Warrior or Mesmer for as much run speed as possible.

3. Some stock of Omnomberry bars. 40% extra gold from monsters + extra magic find chance really starts to add up over the course of several runs.

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Citadel Of Flame Explorable Path 1 Guild Speedruns/Non-Speedruns

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