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 Roaming Bunker Engineer

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PostSubject: Roaming Bunker Engineer   2013-08-24, 4:35 pm

Roaming Bunker Engineer
This build is effective in all forms of play is versatile.


20 Explosives10 Firearms Honor20 Alchemy20 Tools
III - Forceful ExplosivesVI - Hair TriggerVI - Protection InjectionIV - Kit Refinement
VIII - Short FuseI - Invigorating SpeedVi - Speedy Kits
HS - Healing Turret
U1 - Bomb Kit
U2 - Elixir Gun
U3 - Elixir R
ES - Supply Crate

Harpoon Gun

7 x Runes of Earth
Shaman's Amulet (Shaman's)

How To Use
The basics of this build are in [I - Invigorating Speed] and [VI - Speedy Kits], this allows for 100% upkeep of both vigor and swiftness with 2 kits equipped. The swiftness allows for fairly quick movement, and vigor allows for bunkering if you know when to dodge.

---Will Complete Later---
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Roaming Bunker Engineer

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