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 Water Ele Build

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PostSubject: Water Ele Build   2013-08-25, 4:55 pm


10 Fire         30 Water                       30 Arcane
IV Spell Slinger      III Soothing Disruption         IV Final Sheilding
                         IX Cantrip Mastery              V Elemental Attunement
                         XI Cleansing Water             XI Evasive arcana

HS - Ether Renewal
U1 - Mist Form
U2 - Cleansing Fire
U3 - Armor of Earth
ES - Glyph of Elementals

7 x Runes of Ogre
Soldiers Amulet (Soldier's)

How To Use
evasive arcana and cantrips really shine in this build.  the extra 10 points can go in literally any tree i prefer fire for the added might.  Pop a cantrip you gain might regen remove a condition and increase your dodge.
dodge into the enemy with fire or earth attunement , dodge out with water to heal.
just keep rolling through attunements and keep up the dodge
i went with ether renewal because it removes a condition with every pulse  the choice is really up to you.
2 of your 3  cantrips should break stun  to keep you from being locked down.
open with fire attunement finishers in earth 4 and 5.  armor of earth has stability great for finishing the long earth  5cast time
the elite skill is really up for grabs as well i like elementals cause once they are cast you dont have to worry.
lightning elemental has a range attack that stuns :-D
well thats it let me know how it works out . Any improvements or feedback would be appriciated
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Water Ele Build

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