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 Tequatl Downing: Strategies for beating Tequatl

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PostSubject: Tequatl Downing: Strategies for beating Tequatl   2013-09-22, 8:31 am

Tequatl Downing: Strategies for beating Tequatl

Here are a couple of guides with the current-best strategies for effectively beating Tequatl the Sunless. Worth a look-through if you are still clueless as to the fight mechanics and/or what to expect:

Quote :
Dulfy's Tequatl Strategies

[Dulfy.net] Tequatl the Sunless Strategy Guide

Dulfy's Video Guide for Tequatl:
(embedded in the above guide but worth an embed here as well)


Discussion(s) about this:

[Reddit] Dulfy Tequatl Dragon Guide

Quote :
Reddit's Tequatl Strategy Thread

[Reddit] Tequatl Strategy/Discussion Thread

^ If you've gotten into the main server Sparkfly Fen and paid any attention to the pre-fight strategy talk in mapchat, you might have seen people giving tinyurl links to a Teq guide. This is that Teq guide.

Quote :
GW2 Wiki's Article on Tequatl

[GW2 Wiki] Defeat Tequatl the Sunless

^ Strategy section is underneath the section describing the fight itself

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Tequatl Downing: Strategies for beating Tequatl

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