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 Anyone still playing?

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PostSubject: Anyone still playing?   2018-08-21, 6:48 pm

I've been logging on quite a bit as of late to work on some random GWAMM stuff on different chars....this game is so much better than GW2 it hurts. I miss it so much Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Anyone still playing?   2018-08-28, 7:08 pm

Hey Dev. How have you been? Sorry about not seeing this message promptly as I've gotten used to not really keeping a close eye on the forums given how dead they are now. Smile

The few times I've logged into GW1 over the past year I haven't seen any familiar faces in-game. I know a couple of years ago John (Scott Ware) was hanging in-game with a speed clear guild but eventually he, too, caught the GW2 bug - for a while anyway. I still log on to GW1 from time to time to do random solo farming runs and stuff. (Hard habits... and all of that.) Still trying to get that damn Everlasting Kuunavang tonic! Sad The new graphical upgrades that were added to the game earlier this year really sparked some life back into the game for a bit overall. The main issue for me is that I've done everything in GW1 that I've wanted to do 1,000x already, so it's hard to choose that game over the massive amount of options available on PC these days.

Just about everyone who used to roam these parts doesn't even play GW2 anymore at this point - or at least, so seldom that they may as well not even be considered 'active'. Without anyone I know playing regularly (a big sticking point for me), my interest in the game and overall franchise has dipped drastically. I could make new friends in-game to have people to play with but much of the current GW2 playerbase is too new to the game and thus, have no experience of the early days of GW2, let alone GW1's heyday! Except for when major game updates are released (Living World story updates, expansions, etc.), I'm reduced to only playing GW2 a couple times a week save for login rewards, and even then, way less in bulk than I ever used to. GW1 still beats GW2 in the rewards/playtime ratio and the buildcrafting (big issues, IMO), but to me it's more fun to just mess around in-game in GW2 than GW1 (world bosses, map metas, node runs, fractals, etc.), and that's all I really do anymore. With that said, if a GW3 doesn't resemble GW1's buildcrafting style, or at least, have way more variety out of the box than GW2 did, I am out long before it will ever be.

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Scott Ware
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PostSubject: Re: Anyone still playing?   2019-01-18, 6:29 pm

Hey Dev! I just recently started playing GW1 again. I tried getting back into GW2, but I've lost pretty much all interest. GW1 is just a better game (imo). I don't play a ton, but more regular than I have been. Hope all is going well for y'all.
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PostSubject: Re: Anyone still playing?   

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Anyone still playing?

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