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 How To Enable Your Forum Signature [Step-By-Step With Pics]

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PostSubject: How To Enable Your Forum Signature [Step-By-Step With Pics]   2009-08-13, 12:17 am

For some dumb reason, signatures aren't enabled by default on these forums. It doesn't matter if you make a signature beforehand or not. The forums will simply not show it unless it's set to be shown. If you want your signature to show up for some of your posts but not others, there's a checkbox you can set underneath the box where you type your posts/replies in. For a more permanent setting, you can go into your Profile -> Preferences and set your signature to show ALL of the time. The latter is what I recommend, but it's up to you.

This will help...

You are welcome to use the Avatar And Signature Testing/Showoffs thread in The Off-Topic Hangout forum to make sure it's working correctly.

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How To Enable Your Forum Signature [Step-By-Step With Pics]

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