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 How To Schedule Calendar Events Or Happenings [All Forum Members]

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PostSubject: How To Schedule Calendar Events Or Happenings [All Forum Members]   2009-09-28, 9:49 pm

(All Forum Members)

1. Click on the 'Calendar' button on the top Navbar:

This opens up the 'Calendar' screen, which is a monthly day-by-day listing of scheduled events and happenings.

2. Find a day you want to schedule something for and click on the green plus sign icon next to it:

3. This will open up a 'create thread' screen. For the calendar it's called 'Add An Event' but it's more or less the same as starting a new thread anywhere on the forums. The calendar is linked to the Happenings Bulletin Board forum. Every 'event' you add to the calendar puts a new thread in the Happenings Bulletin Board forum, which in turn also adds a news message of the thread contents in the middle column of our Forums Portal, the starting page of http://ectos.darkbb.com:

Please try and keep the thread's original post as short and concise as possible due to this, and for god's sakes - DON'T USE ANY IMAGES IN THE ORIGINAL POST! We don't want to (potentially) stretch the dimensions of the Forums Portal. There's no specific standard to follow when writing the thread. Just be sure to put whether or not the scheduled event or happening is Alliance-wide or for a specific guild only, the day(s)/time(s) that scheduled event will take place, and a brief description of WTF the event is all about.

4. Underneath the box where you type in your event or happening thread content (Step 3 above) is a list of calendar options for additional scheduled event or happening calendar customization. You can't miss it. It has the heading of 'Calendar'. This allows you to set the exact amount of hours or days the scheduled events or happenings will take place. It also has a field for the date (which was set from Steps 1 And 2 but can also be set here instead).

For example, if you are adding an event that will last for multiple days you can add a number in the 'days' field and it will add that event for each subsequent day on the calendar starting from the day you originally clicked on to schedule the event or happening. This is what is done for adding the three-day Arenanet Guild Wars Official Bonus Weekend Events. The Weekend Special Event is scheduled for Friday with '3' put into 'days'. This adds the Weekend Special Event for Friday -> Saturday -> Sunday.

Advanced Notes: You can schedule a Calendar event or happening by skipping Steps 1 And 2. Simply create a thread in the Happenings Bulletin Board forum and configure the 'Calendar' options in the category underneath the box where you type post content in. (Step 4) Without selecting the date from the actual 'Calendar' screen (Steps 1 And 2), you will need to configure the date from this 'Calendar' category (drop-down boxes). Permissions are set for the Community Bulletin Board forum to allow EVERY forum member access to this.

Besides the Happenings Bulletin Board forum, Admins and Mods have access to add other forums' threads to the Calendar. (Permissions-pending) This is not recommended, however. Please stick to the Community Bulletin Board forum for most/all of our Calendar needs.


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How To Schedule Calendar Events Or Happenings [All Forum Members]

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