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 (Brief) Overview of the February update [Out: Feb 26th, 2013; Guild Missions!]

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PostSubject: (Brief) Overview of the February update [Out: Feb 26th, 2013; Guild Missions!]   2013-02-08, 7:14 am

Apparently ANet updated their main Flame & Frost page for February and included some brief details on what we can look forward to:


Quote :
Flame & Frost: The Gathering Storm
February 26, 2013

The situation worsens for the citizens of Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau. Volunteers have eased the burden, but more refugees hobble down from the Shiverpeaks. The storm there gains momentum, but the forces of good are beginning to rally. They’re sending their heroes to defend the land and its peoples. Someone must hold back the gathering storm.

In Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm, the second installment in this four-part series, the stakes are raised, and battles rage, in the foothills of the Shiverpeaks.

A date of February 26th, 2013 is given so that must be the release date for the patch! Here come the... Guild Missions!

Quote :
Team Up for Guild Missions

Join your fellow guild members to take on an entirely new category of content! These missions, designed for coordinated group play, include everything from bounties to group puzzles to cross-country challenges. You’ll need to work together to complete the missions and earn new Guild Merits, which can unlock cool upgrades and rewards. It pays to be in a guild!

Very interesting. All the more reason to continue the push towards taking our guild to the next level. Smile

Discussion thread(s) regarding this:

[Reddit] New Flame and Frost page on GW2 website!

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(Brief) Overview of the February update [Out: Feb 26th, 2013; Guild Missions!]

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