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 Glass ele build

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PostSubject: Glass ele build   2013-08-24, 3:32 pm

Chris hooked me up with this build a while back.

(A.) Staff AoE Glass Elementalist
- Build: 30/10/0/10/20
- Summary: Does massive aoe and tears apart glass cannon zergs and siege.
- Overall: Tankiness: 2 | DPS: 10 | Support: 4 | Conditions: 2 | CC: 3 |
- Info: This build is glass as hell. Get hit for a few seconds, and you're downed. Being able to switch to water with it's passive healing, its 2 AoE heals and Arcane Wave for another AoE heal does help though. But the thing that makes this build viable, is Mist Form when you're up, and Vapour form when you're downed. So even if you do get attacked, so long as you have allies nearby that can revive, or anything that can stop the enemy from getting into contact with you, you'll live. With Lava Font, Meteor Shower, Ice Spike, Eruption and Glyph of Storms, this is possibly one of the most AoE heavy builds in the game. Get all of it off, and you will take out a nice chunk of the enemy zerg (I've been the catalyst to so many enemy zergs wiping with this build). Also excels at clearing enemy siege. I'm often the first one to volunteer for suicidal siege attacks, since I'll likely do the most damage if I can flank / get a distraction / stealthed. Lava Font, both storms, Ice spike and Eruption will often drop normal arrow carts and ballistas to ~40% hp, if not less. Fireball also hits like a truck (3-5k crits), and does AoE damage to boot. Unbuffed I have ~49% crit, but increases due to the stacking precision sigil, food buffs and any AoE fury buffs I get from others. Also gets a decent amount of swiftness and general speed by switching to air attunement. Can get ~75% swiftness uptime on dolyaks.
- Possible Changes: Can replace the Eagle runes and perception sigil with Power ones, to maximize the damage done to siege equipment. Can also replace Arcane Wave with Signet of Fire for 4% extra crit, at the cost of AW's utility.
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Glass ele build

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